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Eaglerock Property Management – is of the opinion that services and expertise should not be limited to its clients.

Eaglerock Property management offers its extended services to any scheme or company that requires a professional team to assist them.

Project management

Project Management, Capital Expenditures, Renovations and Retrofits are handled professionally with planned and approved objectives and backed by a team of professionals who spare no detail.

We administer contract tendering and supervise trades and suppliers with extensive experience in monitoring and overseeing all projects including those involving third party and general contractors.

Our project managers provide detailed timelines and expertise to ensure that projects are completed timeously with limited inconvenience to our clients.

Inspection reports

Having an effective and concise inspection report assists our clients to better plan for their Monthly, quarterly, or yearly projects. The reports assist in driving financial governance and complying with health and safety practices. Attention to detail is key to compiling a usable report.

Our staff are trained through the South Africans home inspections association and quality driven inhouse training to provide our clients with detailed reports.

We also assist with long term maintenance planning to improve your schemes planning and strategic outlook. With an effective maintenance plan this allows your members and board members to make short-term and long-term decisions.

Maintenance Services

Eaglerock’s maintenance teams are equipped and ready to assist you in the following services:

  • Lighting repairs and replacement
  • Solar light upgrades
  • Irrigation repairs and installations
  • Irrigation upgrades and automation.
  • General maintenance management.

These services assist to reduce the requirement of a caretaker at a fraction of the price.

Through our alliance company Water Safety systems, we assist with the following:

  • Filtration and pump upgrades
  • Energy efficiency tests and recommendations.
  • Pool and Spa water heating systems.
  • Water body compliance .
  • Water body access and CCTV systems.

Please visit Water Safety Systems at

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