We Specialise in community management and Commercial scheme management.


Each day we are invited into communities and schemes.


With the ability to think outside of the box


We are a property management company that specialises in community management and Commercial scheme management.

Each day we are invited into communities and schemes. Each day we are presented with a  new challenge that our team members face head-on.

Our differentiating factor is our problem-solving skills and the ability to think outside of the box.

Property care supported by experienced specialists.

The variety of experience and education by the team at Eaglerock Property Management is what gives our customers the satisfaction knowing the advice provided is backed and checked by Professionals. Eaglerock can leverage industry and technological experience to streamline your scheme to effectively and efficiently manage your property.

We believe at Eaglerock that “Knowledge is power, and Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” – Robert Boyce.

Continued education 

We prioritise education to all staff through our fully sponsored formal learning to ensure that only the best advice is given to our clients. We have further extended our abilities in providing simple short videos and information for our clients to understand changes and laws better.

Planning 101 

Being certified by Paddocks, The South African Home Inspectors Association, CIMA, ITBC, Association of Residential Communities and NAMA, it allows us to be inclusive and diverse to our client’s requirements.

We believe that being compliant with the law is a minimum requirement, at Eaglerock, we strive to improve and excel through high performance, standards, accountability and stability, this allows us to raise the bar in customer satisfaction.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

Technologically Advanced

Our latest technology and unique applications benefits our clients to timeously, and accurately access customised information about their scheme. Our technology further allows our teams to respond to queries and issues on the go efficiently. They can assist clients with practical and on the spot feedback.

We protect your data and provide 24/7, secure online access.

Moving to us with ease

Our simple processes and procedures are designed to ensure simplicity. Staff are trained to assist and transfer the needs of your scheme effectively. Eaglerock offers a guaranteed commitment to earn your business and never take it for granted continually.

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