A leader in creative and strategic thinking to set your development apart

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Eaglerock Property Management – a leader in creative and strategic thinking to set your development apart from your competitors.

We are innovators in community scheme living providing various options and technological implementations that assist developers to increase their return on investment.

Our success is driven by customer relations and successful developments.

Before construction involve Eaglerock

From infancy stage Eaglerock can assist in projecting reasonable levies and strategies for your scheme to ensure longevity and Developer and client relations.

Eaglerock can assist to provide a professional and expert advise relating to your development.

During Construction Eaglerock can provide invaluable advice and consulting

With our vast experience as a property management company and working with developers, we can help in the planning stages.

We offer consulting, financial services, site plan reviews, architectural/mechanical plan reviews, scheme documents review and assisting with final signoff procedures and inspections. We also offer extensive property management training and communication for both developers, investors, sales associates, and boards of directors to ensure compliance and governance is implemented.

When Construction is complete let Eaglerock take the hassle away from property management

Eaglerock is an established and professional property management company that provides sound advise to the developer, scheme executives and members. We are able to guide the scheme through its inaugural meeting with all the required documents and explanations to ensure that all members are well informed.

Eaglerock Property management offers services in Sectional title, Homeowners associations and Senior living to ensure property assets are maintained and improved.

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