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Members of the scheme elect a Board of Trustees in a Sectional Title Scheme and retains the services of a Property Management company typically. The Management Company offers guidance, assistance, advice in the short term and long term strategy, this includes operational efficiency and accurate financial services with monthly reporting.

Eaglerock Property Management strives to drive and deliver customer excellence through customer satisfaction. This gives our Board of Trustees assurance knowing their scheme is in great hands.

Sectional Title Management services

The Schemes conduct and management rules, budgets, and directors are set down by members of the scheme for the execution of the Board of Trustees and Eaglerock Property Management.

Eaglerock will then provide options and advise inline with applicable laws to ensure the Board of Trustees make an informed and educated decision.

At Eaglerock, we use our training, experience and laws to ensure that Homeowners assets are protected. In order to do so, we;

  • Plan detailed procedures from the initial transition to a strategic outlook through property and operations efficiency and streetscape and general condition of the property.
  • Review service contact KPI’s, as well as reviewing value for money.
  • Provide an experienced property specialist that is training in all facets of property management to assist the Board of Trustees.
  • Complete and maintain a 10-year maintenance plan as prescribed in the sectional titles act.
  • Ensure compliance within the Sectional Titles act. Equipment compliance and certifications of building equipment and system to various municipal bylaws.
  • Financial and Administrative services (see below)
  • Communications (see below)

Through our electronic portal system information is always available. This empowers the Board of Trustees to make effective and concise decisions.

We believe that preventative maintenance is key to our success and clients satisfaction.

Financial Reporting

With our accounts staff trained through ICB and CIMA and utilising the latest accounting software, you can rest assured that you will receive accurate, timely and comprehensive reporting at your fingertips 24/7.

Eaglerock can provide the following financial services;

  • Issuing, recording and collection of Scheme levies and service charges.
  • Handling arrear accounts and assist in facilitating arrear collection procedures with NCR accredited firms under the guidance of the Board of trustees.
  • Processing invoices and remitting payments to various vendors, we also ensure that there is an authorisation process in place to ensure compliance with trustees at all times.
  • Preparing, reviewing and providing business reports for trustees review to make informed decisions in the best interest of the scheme.
  • Preparing all documents and files for annual audits as directed by the Board of Trustees and Members.
  • Preparing annual budgets for trustee and member approval.
  • Negotiating insurance and arranging valuation reports as stipulated in the sectional titles act.
  • Managing the investment of the Reserve fund.
  • Managing and administrating bank account funds under the trustees directions.
  • Maintaining Financial and administrative documentation for the scheme.
  • Provide data security through regular back-ups.


Regardless of the size, location, age or type of scheme planning is imperative. Eaglerock reviews your scheme annual at a minimum to ensure that the 10-year Repairs and Maintenace plan is updated and reviewed.

We have an excellent track record in successfully budgeting and implementing significant and minor capital expenditure to add value to the scheme.

We review various factors in the Repairs and Maintenance plan, such as;

  • Condition of perimeter structures and systems
  • Condition of buildings
  • Condition of road and pathways
  • Condition of amenities


  • Condition of electrical, effluent and plumbing systems
  • Security systems
  • Adhoc items on common property.


Eaglerock offers a simple and effective communication portal to our Board of trustees through our Portal system. Electronic communication is tracked, and Eaglerock and the Trustees can review data of clients who have received and read the communique.

Our portal allows clients to access community relating information and documentation 24/7 to ensure that our clients are informed at all times.

Eaglerock Property Management assists trustees with strategic communication plans if requested by our clients as communication is unique to each scheme.

Executive Managing agent

Eaglerock Property Management through our diverse offering also gives Schemes the option to employ the services of an Executive managing agent.

An executive managing agent is employed through section 28 of the Sectional Titles Management Act.
An executive managing agent emplores all the duties and obligations of a trustee under the Act and the rules of the scheme.

Please contact us for further information and plans that best suit your needs.

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